DE JTO Target Tracking Summit

10-12 August 2021 (full day each day)
Arlington, VA

Following the 2019 and 2020 Illuminator Laser Workshops, the 2021 Target Tracking Summit will survey illuminator laser progress, camera technology development, tracker algorithms and Service activities.  Our intent is to create a reflective Gordon style meeting discussing the daunting barriers facing the tracking community.  The objectives are to identify technology advances and deficiencies, consider their consequences (performance, timeline, costs) and seek potential solutions.  Desired outcomes include cultivating networks, minimizing cooperation barriers and enabling technical working groups to formulate investment guidance for DoD funding agencies.

The Summit is by invitation only and limited to the Department of Defense employees and DoD contractors.  If you would like to send a surrogate or have an attendance request, email 

As of July 10, the state of Virginia allows meetings without restrictions.  However, local COVID restrictions will be strictly followed.