2018 Inter TAWG Summary

The Overall Goal of the Inter TAWG is to Identify, Develop, Revise, Status Plan(s) of Action for Specific Inter TAWG Focus Areas. The Inter-TAWG Working Groups address challenges that require synergistic approaches such as :Identify Technology Advancements required / relate to service Roadmaps, Develop an Investment Strategy / relate to service Roadmaps, Develop a Focus Area Plan of Action / Task plan for each participating TAWG.

Each TAWG will report via the Chair / Co-chair (Vice, Deputy) and prepare TAWG specific overviews to: Present Major Results of TAWG Internal (Offline) Technical Review Meeting (s), Discuss BAA/S&A/MRI topics and collaboration with other TAWGs, Review recent thrust technical achievements and applications, Identify Service needs/pressing technology advancements including time frame for implementation, Identify collaborative efforts for Service and/or JTO subsystem/system level resolution, Summarize current SoA for Major Technology Areas, and Summarize Investment Strategy Priorities (near, mid, far term) / Relate to DoD HEL and Service specific roadmaps.


If you have any questions please contact Cynnamon Spain at Cynnamon@CynCS.com.