Government Events

With a flexible and client-centered approach, Cynnamon Coordinating Services offers event planning that delivers the results our clients need. Whether it’s connecting peers at a grantee meeting, facilitating the process of a national advisory committee, or supporting consultation between federal offices and tribal leaders. From coordinating travel and event details such as air hotel meals, and vendors to the technical side of online registration, distributing of materials, and information gathering, CynnCS manages and supports every facet of the event process.

Corporate Events

Cynnamon Coordinating Services specializes in breathtaking events that meet all of the planning needs of our clients. We offer creative events & design concepts, conference & seminar planning, exclusive resources, meticulous attention to detail, and a talented professional team. From breakfast meetings to closing night events, CynnCS will take care of all aspects of your event. We work with you to develop & manage your event theme, taking into consideration the venue, entertainment, and food options. Allow us to help ensure your event is a success!