2019 Lethality TAWG Summary

Lethality TAWG is responsible for performing assessment of Target Vulnerability to High Energy Lasers. The TAWG develops the necessary tools and procedures to perform Modeling and Analysis of laser / target material interaction as well as perform Validation and Verification of those tools. The TAWG conducts testing at various levels (material, component, subsystem and system) to validate models and assess laser performance. The TAWG develops test procedures, diagnostics and methods to perform HEL testing. The final product of the Lethality effort is the Target Vulnerability Module (VM) to incorporates all knowledge of the laser / target interaction, testing, modeling and analysis, intel information into module that is used by the Modeling and Simulation community, designer teams and the warfighter to assess HEL performance against specific targets. This event will be held September 10th - 12th, 2019.



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